Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the assessment of a person walking or running, either to identify why a person suffers an injury, or to prevent re-injury in the future.

Gait Print – Your Biomechanical Footprint
Often the causes of foot and leg pain are associated with our anatomical structure. Our sports Podiatrist assesses patients with functional anatomical problems including excessive pronation, ‘flat feet’, heel pain, knee and hip pain. Including examining the joints of the foot and lower limb, assess the range and quality of movement, inspect soft tissue structures and isolate the causes of pain or dysfunction.

Walking & Running Gait Analysis is performed with a slow motion video camera and specialist software which requires more sophisticated equipment. It is not the same as seen in sports shops, and is a precise and very detailed analysis. This, in my opinion, is a must for any recreational or professional runners. Both for injury prevention, and to maximise performance

Your Gait-Print is a biomechanical reference point (baseline) of the symmetries and asymmetries of your gait cycle. When stored in a database, our Podiatrists can use this data to ensure the effectiveness of both training and treatment protocols.

This usually takes 1 hour, and patients are advised to bring a range of footwear, and wear shorts/athletic clothing.

How to get the most out of your Training and Rehab

What do you get?

  • Video Gait analysis and detailed report
  • Strength Drills
  • Mobility Testing
  • Agility & Reaction Testing
  • Running Technique advise – testing different stride lengths
  • Foot Health Check
  • Footwear advised for your chosen sport
  • Diabetic & Vascular Checks
  • Health Advise

Take home after your appointment

  • Training checklist
  • Individualised exercise/rehab programme
  • Gait Analysis Report
  • Advise on Injury prevention