Top tips for healthy, happy running feet:

Use a square knot for your laces – this prevents the lace coming undone and also keeps your shoe on correctly and avoids trips, falls and overuse injuries.
Get a properly fitted running shoe – go to a reputable sports shop or a Podiatrist who stocks running shoes.

Trainers for long distance should be half a size bigger than your normal shoe size as your feet tend to swell during long runs.
Change your trainers every 300-500 miles as they wear out, stretch and lose their shock absorption.
Good fitting socks – poor fitting socks are one of the main causes of blisters. Blisters sound minor but they can have a massive impact on your performance as they can be very painful and can turn into blood filled blisters after long runs.
Athlete’s foot – it’s called athlete’s foot for a reason, as it does tend to affect people who do a lot of exercise. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which is most likely to occur if your feet regularly experience damp, warm conditions – common if you’re running!

It tends to affect between the toes but can appear on any part of the foot. Look out for persistent flaking, red skin. This can look either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’; both are forms of athlete’s foot.
Check with your Podiatrist if your feet and feeling itchy or looking flaky, similar to persistent dry skin- they will provide the correct treatment and caring protocol for you.
Don’t run through pain – if you experience frequent and ongoing pain in your feet, ankles, knees and legs when you run, this could be a sign that your footwear isn’t right or you have a musculoskeletal issue in your lower limbs that needs looking at.

Don’t run through pain as this can cause long-term damage. See a podiatrist who is experienced in gait analysis who will be able to diagnose the issue and advise on treatment.

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